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Keeping your pet healthy is of the highest importance, but even the healthiest pets get sick sometimes. Your veterinarian will prescribe medication to help your pet get better. But maybe your pet has a catapult in the back of their throat so no pill will ever go down. Maybe you have to stick a tube in their ear and squirt medication in--and more goes on their head and you than in the ear!

So here's the question: How are you supposed to help your pet get better when they don't understand why they're going through this discomfort? Let me come in and show you some professional tips. Let's ease the stress associated with this task. I can work with you as much as needed, until you feel comfortable doing it yourself. 

Here are a few things that I can make easier for you:

-trimming nails 

-expressing (emptying) anal sacs

-giving pills

-cleaning and medicating ears

-administering subcutaneous fluids (fluids under the skin)

-detecting the reason for cats urinating/defecating outside the litter box after a visit to the vet with no medical cause for the accident? Let me come and see the environment. I can make some suggestions that may help

-nursing care such as post-surgical physical therapy and care,  nasoesophageal tube care, bladder expression for dogs

-...and much more!