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Nursing Care

Sometimes our pets need more than routine attention. They can have on-going medical issues that require more intensive care. I can help by visiting while you are away, whether at work or traveling. I can provide the more intensive care required to help your furry family have the best quality of life.

Did your pet recently have routine surgery? Are you concerned about the surgical site but don't want to stress the family and your pet by taking a trip to the vet? Let me take a look at that surgical site. I can tell you if it requires a vet visit or if it's just showing normal healing.

Did your pet recently have an operation on a joint or muscle? Veterinarians often presribe physical therapy such as passive range of motion, active exercise, massage, cool compresses, and warm compresses. These are usually performed 3-4 times daily. I can provide the care while you are away.

Does your pet have a nasoesophageal tube (tube up the nose) to help them receive nutrition? That can be a really scary and intensive at-home care program that requires frequent feedings, often when you aren't home. I would love to come visit and help give the proper nutrition to your pet. I would also love to come and help with the feedings until you become comfortable giving them yourself. This is usually temporary and will be so rewarding when they start eating on their own!