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Routine Pet Care

Are there services that you travel to your veterinarian for, but hate the car ride and the stress it causes your furry family member? I can help. The list below is just a sample of the services I offer. If you don't see a particular service listed, please contact me.

-Nail trims

Quite a few pets don't enjoy--even hate!--getting their nails trimmed. But it is important for their health and comfort that their nails are trimmed to a proper length. I can perform the nail trim, teach you how to trim nails, and even give you tips on keeping your pet calm during the trim!

-Medication Administration: oral (mouth), topical (skin), nasal (nose), opthalmic (eye), otic (ear)

Often your veterinarian prescribes a medication schedule that is designed for effectiveness of the drug but not your schedule! I can give the medication to your pet while you are away from home, day or evening. Every day or just once in a while, you can use my services as often as you need them. I can also help you administer medication to a pet who doesn't like taking pills.There are some useful tricks of the trade that can help relax this stressful time for you and your pet!

-Ear cleaning

Does your pet have sensitive ears? Or maybe they just don't enjoy having their ears cleaned? Clean ears are important to your pet's health and comfort. Allow me to help!

-Anal sac expression

Has your pet been scooting their bottom across the carpet? Or is there a particular fish odor coming from their rear end? Pets have sacs around their anus that can fill up from time to time, which causes discomfort. I can help solve this problem by expressing (emptying) your pet's anal sacs!