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I am here to help you take care of your pet in your home. I hope to decrease the amount of unnecessary visits to the vet. Sometimes car rides and the veterinary office are scary to our pets, despite the best efforts of us and the veterinary staff. I want to help you provide routine pet care at home so we can eliminate the stresfful visits!

My name is Tiffany Mauch and I grew up an animal lover with lots of furry family in my home. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Drake University and an Associate degree in Applied Sciences (in veterinary technology) degree from DMACC. I passed my national and state boards to become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). I worked in daytime (regular) veterinary offices for four years, then emergency veterinary medicine for three years. Throughout my experience, I have seen clients who are nervous about or unable to perform specialty care, administer medication, give subcutaneous fluids, etc at home. I could see the anxiety as clients tried to work their pet's care into their bus lives.. My solution to this problem was to create my own business to travel to pet owners' homes to provide care, education, and peace-of-mind.